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Mar 6 2019
Undergraduate and graduate students will serve on the committee that will oversee the replacement program for Cardinal Conversations.
Jan 14 2019
In 2017, the Stanford president and provost launched a Cardinal Conversations series as a forum for thought leaders to engage in respectful and rigorous discussion of important social issues. The hope was to provide a model of how commitments to both free expression and an inclusive culture can...
Feb 1 2018 | Posted In: In the News
The Internet and technology have transformed American society and politics, while also accelerating gaps between the haves and have-nots, said two Stanford alumni entrepreneurs on Wednesday. 
Jan 10 2018 | Posted In: In the News
A new Stanford initiative, Cardinal Conversations, creates a forum for the Stanford community to explore a diversity of ideas on challenging issues with leading thinkers and public intellectuals from campus and beyond. A Stanford initiative that kicks off later this month will address some of...
Jan 10 2018 | The Stanford Review | Posted In: In the News
  Universities across America are in a state of acute intellectual decay. Replacing a millenia-old tradition of discussion and debate, a stifling liberal consensus now dominates many campuses. Administrators often succumb to student pressure to disinvite unpopular speakers, while those few who do...